How to Buy, Take Care of and Install Air Conditioner Filters

Central air conditioning units are really great to have working for you in the dog days of summer. They help you maintain your energy when staying cool inside and they are also a great sleep aid in the summer too. Some people would never even consider not having one in their home. They are even great at improving the air quality thanks to the filters on the powerful air intakes on the system that help them eliminate dust, pet dander and allergens from the air in your home. With that being said, there are some tricks when it comes to owning an HVAC system that has air filters working for you.


You need to replace your filters every one to sixth months on your central air conditioning system; the exact amount of time between replacements depends on the quality of the air filters you are using. Given this knowledge, you better learn how to install air conditioner filters if you don’t already know how.

It really is easy to find and install air conditioner filters. Just look for the biggest of all the air vents that are located in your house; this will be the air intake and should have two doors or one that swings open on it for access. There are slots in the door that the filter(s) conveniently slide in and out of. When going to install air conditioner filters, just slide out the old ones and then slide in the new ones in their place.

Care and Maintenance

Quite frankly speaking, some air conditioning filters are so cheap that they are not worth taking the time to clean; cheap filters are also the ones that need to be replaced more often. More expensive filters can have their useful life extended by cleaning them in one of several different ways. Some can be rinsed off just using a hose but this will damage other types of filters. The ones that can be damaged by water can usually be cleaned either by sucking the dirt off them with a wet/dry vac or using a compressor to blow the dirt off. The labels on the air conditioner filters should tell you how to clean them in most cases.


Buying Replacement Filters

There are several different grades of replacement filters that can be purchased. Really cheap ones can be bought in quantity and kept around the house for easy changing of them on a regular basis. Some of the more expensive and higher quality air filters will do a great job of filtering out such things as dust and allergens; this really goes a long way toward keeping the air quality in your home at a lot higher level than cheaper style air filters can do.

So if you have a central heating and air system make sure you take the advice above as it pertains to the filters in your system. It will help you get the right filter for your needs, tell you how to install air conditioner filters and also tell you how to clean them to prolong their useful life. Know more about the characteristics of energy efficient air conditioner

Typical Oil Furnace Repairs

Typical Oil Furnace RepairsWith the price of oil going down and expected to stay that way oil furnaces are once again becoming trendy; there was a time natural gas was so much cheaper that they were almost no longer considered a viable option in the marketplace. As long as the price of oil is reasonable they will give you all the same bonuses that a gas furnace gives you such as efficiency and durability. With that being said, even the most durable appliances will break down from time to time. Here are some typical oil furnace repairs that need to be done every so often.

Burner Tray problems

It goes without saying if you don’t have a fire in your furnace you will not have heat in your house. Burner trays are where the oil and air mix to form the combustion that produces the heat in the unit. These can corrode, get clogged with soot or even break from expansion and contraction during heating cycles.

Ignition Problems

It was just said that if you don’t have fire in your furnace you won’t have heat in your house; it’s also true that if you don’t have ignition capability you won’t have fire. Igniters are usually made of very fragile ceramic material that gets super-hot when electricity passes through it. Over time these ceramic igniters will either stop working or the ceramic ignition piece will simply break and need to be replaced.

Blower Motor Problems

Air is the key ingredient in any type of furnace. It has two main functions in an oil furnace; the first is to supply the air that is mixed with the oil for combustion and the other is to pick up the heat that the furnace produces and distribute it throughout the house. These blowers run very often during the colder months and they are the source of some of the more typical oil furnace repairs.

Oil Pressure Problems

If you don’t get oil to the burner tray then you won’t get any flame at all either. Oil pressure problems can be caused by a faulty oil pump, a leak in the line, an empty oil supply tank or a valve that is stuck shut. Any of these situations will have to be corrected in order for an oil furnace to operate properly.

Control Module Problems

The controls on an oil furnace are very important to an oil furnace’s ability to work properly. These control units tell what components in the system to come on and off and also determines what sequence these components do it in. They have printed circuit boards in them which are very sensitive to dirt and moisture and they have other parts too such as thermostats that can fall out of calibration.

Hopefully if you own an oil fired furnace you will never run into any of these typical oil furnace repairs but if you do rest assured your local HVAC tech will be able to handle these no problem.

A Typical Weekend Day for an On Call Plumber

Being a plumber is a job that requires a special skill set, educational training and a license in order to be able to do it. Once this has been done a person can earn a good living at this type of work and they will also have an endless customer base that will always be in need of their services at one time or another. Unfortunately, some of those times occur after normal business hours and someone will have an emergency plumbing need that just can’t wait. Here is an example of what could be a typical day in the life of an on call plumber.

First Call – Mrs. Murphy’s Clogged Toilet Line – Sat/9:24 am

The day gets started early for the resident on call plumber. Mrs. Murphy has a house full of guests in her one bathroom cottage and it has a stopped up toilet. She makes a panicked call to the office and away the on call plumber goes to her house. No problem here as a heavy duty drain snake makes short work of the clog.

Second Call – The Tobias Residence Water Heater Break – Sat/ 11:34 am

The on call plumber next shows up a little later at the Tobias residence because they called and said their basement was flooded and it turns out the culprit was a busted water heater. After a trip to the local home improvement warehouse to pick up a new water heater, the emergency plumber gets to work and goes about the task of replacing the water heater. They make sure it is running right and not leaking before they leave.

Third Call – Mr. Smith’s Septic Line Break – Sat/4:10 pm

Just when it looks like the on call plumber might get a reprieve from the busy day, again they are summoned to a job. This time they show up at the Smith residence to take care of a broken septic line. The location of the break is located through the use of special sensing equipment. Once found it’s not easy digging through the frost filled soil but eventually the plumber gets through to the area of the break and replaces the broken section of pipe.

Last Call – Dr. Jones Frozen Pipe Break – Sat/11:35 pm

It’s been a busy day for the on call plumber and to add insult to injury they get a call just 25 minutes before their shift was supposed to end. Dr. Jones has had a frozen pipe burst and the water is spraying all over the place like a fountain; it actually looks very cool as the water freezes and collects on certain trees and bushes. Despite its beauty the water needs to be shut off and the broken section of pipe replaced.

The moral of this story is that no matter what the problem, on call plumbers are there to help you with your plumbing emergency. If you should need an on call plumber you can easily find one by looking in your local phonebook or by doing a quick internet search.